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I wish to participate voluntarily in the Step To It Challenge for the purpose of physical fitness. I understand that I should have medical approval from my health-care provider if I:

  • Have chronic health problems such as heart disease or diabetes.
  • Have been told by a doctor that I have high blood pressure
  • Have pains in my heart or chest area.
  • Have any physical conditions or problems that might require special attention in an exercise program.
  • Feel dizzy or have spells of severe dizziness.
  • Have bone or joint condition like arthritis, which could get worse by participating in an exercise program.
  • Am a male over 45 or a female over 50 AND am not accustomed to vigorous exercise.

WHEREAS, the Community Department of Parks and Recreation has established a walking program for residents; and WHEREAS, this program is being set up at no cost to participants; THEREFORE, in consideration of my participation in this program at no cost to me, I hereby release the Community, its agents and employees from any and all liability for injury or property damage that occurs while participating in this program. Upon registration I understand that participating in this event I may be photographed. By registering for this event, I agree to allow my photo, video or my likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the event holders, producers, sponsors and/or organizers.

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