About the Challenge

What is the Step To It Challenge?

The Step To It Challenge is a four-week physical activity campaign that motivates people of all ages and abilities to become more physically active. Family members, coworkers, schoolmates, neighbors, and friends come together to participate in this friendly competition among communities.

How Does It Work?

From May 1 through May 28, track your physical activity by recording your steps online. Log your physical activity daily or weekly on your Step To It account. All steps will be counted in your community’s step totals in the competition.

What are the prizes and awards?

All 24 communities compete against one another for the awards listed below. The winning community receives a trophy for these categories:

  • Most Active Community (Highest total number of steps accumulated throughout the challenge)
  • Most Active Residents (Highest average number of steps per participant)
  • Most Actively Engaged Community (Highest percentage of the population participating in the Challenge)

Each of the 24 communities awards a pair of Minnesota Twins tickets to the individual with the highest total number of steps in their community. This individual is also recognized on field at the Minnesota Twins game.

Worksites compete with one another to determine the most active and engaged worksite. Coordinator prize drawings are held weekly and final awards are presented at the end of the challenge.

Walking and other activities

While the focus of the challenge is on walking, participants may also do other physical activities to accumulate steps, including running, cycling, team sports, and many more. The online Step Conversion Chart makes it easy to convert these activities to equivalent steps.


Do you want to know how many steps your family or friends take during the challenge? Groups can be formed for families, adult support organizations such as group homes or Day Training and Habilitation centers, schools, senior centers, organizations, apartments, worksites, or walking buddies. More information about groups can be found by clicking on Groups at the top of the screen.

Hennepin County residency not required

You do not have to be a Hennepin County resident to participate. If you want your steps to be included in a community’s totals, pick a community to which you are connected. For example, where you work or worship. You can also choose “Non-Participating Community,” and your steps will not be assigned to any community.

Be active throughout the day

Active Living, integrating physical activity into your daily routine, is a great way to stay active during and after the Step To It Challenge. Consider replacing a short car trip with a walk or a bike ride, or take transit to work, which includes a walk to and from the stop at each end. See these other examples of walkable destinations. Read more about Active Living.

Step To It mobile

You can view this Step To It web site on your mobile phone or tablet. When you use your phone, or other device with a small screen, you can only view the My Account and My Activity pages.

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