Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Step To It news for my community?

Check out the Calendar page for information about Step To It events in your community. You can also visit your community’s web site. Just click on your community’s logo at the bottom of the partnership page.

Who can see my personal information?

Your personal information is protected behind a secure firewall, and it is not shared with any third parties. If you are a member of a family group or group home or day training and habilitation group, your group administrator can view your information.

How does a small community compete against a larger one?

A small community is eligible for the same awards as a large community. The “Most Active Residents” (Highest Average Number of Steps Per Resident) and the “Most Actively Engaged Community” (Highest Percent of Community Population Participating) awards helps to level the playing field.

How many steps did the winner have last year?

In 2015, Brooklyn Park again won the Most Steps per Community award with 103,471,950  steps. Robbinsdale won Highest Average Steps per Resident award with 282,067 steps per resident. Maple Plain won the Most Engaged Community award with 2.27% of their population participating in the Challenge.

I am in a wheelchair. Can I participate?

Yes! If you use a manual wheelchair, one minute of continuous use is equivalent to 101 steps. Many other activities, such as household cleaning and gardening, also count.

Where can I obtain a pedometer?

If you are interested in purchasing a pedometer check out the Resources page.

Forgot your Username or Password?

When you click the Forgot username? link, an e-mail with your username is sent to the e-mail address that you entered on the Personal Information panel when you registered for the Challenge.

When you click the Forgot your password? link, an e-mail with a temporary password is sent to the  e-mail address you entered when you registered for the Challenge. On the Sign In page, enter your username and the temporary password. After you sign in, create a new password.

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