Tracking Steps

Do I have to enter my steps every day or every week?

You can enter your steps throughout the challenge daily or weekly. If you want to qualify for the drawing in your community, you need to log steps at least weekly during all four weeks of the challenge.

I wear a pedometer. How do I record my steps?

If you wear a pedometer all day during all activities, only enter the total steps on your pedometer at the end of each day or week. If you take off the pedometer during some activities, convert your activity time into steps using the Step Conversion Chart.

How are the step equivalent conversions calculated?

Step equivalents are adapted from various sources, such as Steps to a Healthier St. Paul (2005), the Silver Sneakers walking program, Healthy Steps to Albany, and the YMCA.

Can I fix incorrect step information?

You can correct step information throughout the challenge. Go to your My Activity page, and find the Activity Log section. To correct the number of steps, click the Edit button. To correct the activity or date, delete the activity entry and enter a new one in the Activity Entry section.

Why are participants limited to 2,000,000 steps in the challenge?

Step To It is designed to encourage regular, moderate activity and promote social interaction. The greatest health benefits are realized when individuals go from no activity to regular activity. For people who already exercise regularly, additional benefits are minimal if they exceed 500,000 steps per week. In the past, some individuals have recorded unbelievably high step totals—the equivalent of running a marathon every day for a week—to influence the outcome of the competition. The limit allows for at least an hour of vigorous activity a day, which is more than is recommended for good health and should accommodate the majority of Step To It participants.


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