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Get active during your workday

Working from home

  • Use what would normally be your commute time for morning movement before you start work. Take a 15-minute stretch, walk, or bike in your neighborhood as a transition time into your workday.
  • Keep exercise equipment where you will see it during the workday. Leave hand weights, resistance bands, exercise mats, or a jump rope nearby. For breaks, or even on long calls or in virtual meetings (without video), take time to do a few repetitions.
  • Take an active lunch break. Get away from your screens and do something active — stretch, walk, yoga, anything! You will return to work with more energy and focus.

At the workplace

  • Walk to a co-worker’s desk or workstation to talk instead of connecting by phone or computer (this helps make social connections, too). 
  • When possible, walk, bike, or run to work. If you live too far away, park several blocks from your destination and walk into work. Or get off the train or bus several stops early.
  • Try walking meetings. These work best with two or three people and can be efficient and energizing.
  • Use a stand-up desk, if available. You don’t need to stand all day; alternate with sitting. Move around when standing or stretch or bend occasionally to avoid fatigue.
  • Set a timer or app to remind yourself to move. It’s easy to get caught up in work, so help yourself remember to move. Activity and break apps to help you move at work.