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Make exercise a family affair

As humans we need connection. Spending time with others combats loneliness and boosts well-being. Working out with others can help you follow through on your goals and may even push you to work harder. Being active as a family can strengthen family bonds and help kids build a foundation of healthy habits. Active parents raise active kids. Plus, playing outside with others is just plain fun. Try this:

  • Take a stroll – go for a family walk (or bike or scooter ride) after dinner
  • Get some yard work done – pull weeds, rake leaves, or tend to the garden
  • Have a ball – toss around a football or softball, or shoot some hoops
  • Play a game – try corn hole/bean bag toss, croquet, tag, hopscotch, foursquare, badminton, or kickball

Have you tried Geocaching?

Geocaching is another outdoor recreational activity that is ideal to do as a family. Participants use a handheld global positioning system (GPS) to hide and seek hidden containers (caches). Minnesota Geocaching Association