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Summer fun

Summer brings out the fun in everyone. No jackets, mittens, and boots, lots of daylight, and warm weather, you can let loose — and that is a good thing! Playtime for grownups is more than just for laughs — it helps you relax, bond, and be more productive. Taking the time to relax makes you happier and healthier.

If it has been a while since you took the time to play, think back to your childhood. Remembering the things you enjoyed as a child can help you discover what you might like as an adult. Did you ride a bike as a kid? Go for a spin as an adult. Loved running through the sprinkler? Try a day at the beach. Did you play with your dog? Visit your local animal rescue. Grab a friend, partner, co-worker, kids, or grandkids, and check out some of the ideas below:

  • Try your luck with miniature golfMinnesota Mini Golf Courses lists mini golf in greater Minnesota and allows you to search by city. Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has an outdoor mini golf course open during the summer that has unique, artist-designed holes. 
  • Paddle down the river – Rent a canoe or kayak and glide the waters of the Mississippi. Mississippi River Paddle Share is a recreational opportunity for people who have some kayaking experience, do not own a boat, and want a safe and enjoyable river experience. There are five locations to explore throughout the summer.
  • Explore the bike routes of the Twin Cities – Three Rivers Park District has dozens of miles of trails in and around the Twin Cities. Hennepin County also has hundreds of miles of trails.
  • Try your arm at disc golf – Playing Frisbee on a golf course gives you the same workout as walking a round of golf, but without the trouble of carrying the clubs. If you are traveling this summer, there is likely to be a disc golf course nearby.
  • Create your own fun - Try lawn twister, frozen t-shirt races, or sponge water bombs. Check these resources for ideas: 17 DIY Outdoor Games (Brit + Co) and 46 Fun Outdoor Games You'll Want To Play All Year Long (Buzzfeed).

Enjoy your summer!