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Frequently asked questions

The community I live in is not listed. Can I still participate?

Yes. When you register for the challenge, you can choose “community not listed” or choose a community that you have a connection with. Please note that if you choose “community not listed” you will not be eligible for the Minnesota Twins ticket drawings.

I am having password problems. What should I do?

Send an email to and explain what is happening. Staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

I am having problems with the website. What should I do?

Send an email to and explain what is happening. Staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

Is there a step limit?

Yes. The limit for the total possible number of steps for an individual in the competition is 2,000,000. That number is divided by the 28 days of the competition to get the individual daily step limit of 71,428.

How is it possible that some people get more than 1 million steps during the 4-week competition?

The Step to it challenge is not only about walking. Other very high intensity activities can be logged on the website and converted into steps. For example, moderate stair climbing converts to 334 steps/minute, while moderate walking earns 122 steps/minute. The more intense the activity the more steps earned per minute. The step counts of activities can vary dramatically.

How are step averages calculated?

For an individual, the total number of steps are divided by the number of days the competition has been open. For example, 120,000 steps / 18 days = 6,666 average steps.
For a group, the total number of steps are divided by the number of days the competition has been open and then divided by the number of steppers. For example, 640,000 steps / 18 days / 10 steppers = 3,555 average steps.

How is the weekly step average report calculated?

The Weekly Step Average Report uses the same formula as above to calculate step averages. The difference is, the Weekly Step Average Report gives you a snapshot for that week only. For example, if you run the Weekly Step Average Report in week 3, weeks 1 and 2 are not factored into the report.

How do I enter steps vs. activity? (For example: I do a lot of biking. Can that activity be converted to steps?)

Yes, almost any activity can be converted to steps. On the activity log web page, choose the kind of activity and amount of time that you did the activity. The activity will then convert into steps and be added to your total step log.

How can I link my Fitbit?

  1. Log into the Step to it website.
  2. Navigate to the Log your steps page.
  3. Check the Import Fitbit steps tab.
  4. Click the Connect your Fitbit account button — you will be redirected to the Fitbit website.
  5. Log in using your Fitbit account.
  6. Allow the Step to it website access to grab the activity and exercise information from your profile.
  7. You will be redirected back to the Step to it website where you can now see your Fitbit steps listed by day on the Log your steps page. Under the Import fitbit steps tab, click Log this entry next to the corresponding date you want to import. You will be able to view your logged Fitbit steps by clicking on the Log your steps tab and selecting the date from the day selector at the top of the page. 

Fitbit step by step instructions with screenshots (PDF)

What are the two ways I can win Twins tickets?

#1 Through random prize drawings

The 25 communities each have a limited number of Minnesota Twins tickets to give away through random drawings during the 4-week challenge. Each community decides how to handle their own drawings.

#2 Be the top stepper of the community you choose to walk for

The three age brackets in the challenge are 18 and under, 19-64, and 65 and over. One person in each age group from each community with the most steps will win four Minnesota Twins tickets at the end of the challenge.

How long is the Step to it challenge?

Four weeks (May 1 to May 28)

When do I need to have all my steps logged?

The challenge ends on May 28, but you have until June 1 to log the steps or activity that you did during the four weeks of the challenge.

When are the winners announced?

We will contact the individuals with the highest number of steps in each age category from each community by June 6. The winners will be posted on the website by June 9.